Martina M. Schuster

My Portfolio

  • Voice Healing 
  • Music Therapy
  • Consulting Management & Business Psychology
  • Business and Life Coaching
  • Teaching Business and Life Coaching and AuditiveCoachingⓒ - Coaching by music, sound and singing. Which she developed and invented.
  • Teaching Business Singing to bring singing back into people's life
  • She combines her spirituality with her wide range of experiences
  • Teaching voice healing

Short Bio

  • She studied Business Economics and Business Psychology at the University in Munich, MBA.
  • Since 2010 she is a certified Business Coach by the Chamber of Commerce (Germany).
  • After being Board Member of an international company for 12 years she founded 2009 ConAquila GmbH for Coaching, Career and Personality Development to support and provide people‘s psychosocial health in business and life.
  • She did various trainings and has various qualifications like EMDR coaching, trance and hypno-choaching.

Martina's Conclusion

After all and because she‘s musician and she decided to put more effort now into bringing those wonderful, powerful and healing sources of music, sound and voice back into people's life for empowering, unleashing and unfolding body and soul, to live a free and healthy life.

Hier ein Lied zum mitsingen. Lade es herunter und singe was das Zeug hält. In Deiner Variation!

Es geht nicht darum, dass wir perfekt singen, es geht darum, dass wir uns selbst zu spüren beginnen und zu uns stehen - wie wir sind. Dafür gibt es viele Wege, die eigene Stimme ist ein sehr direkter Weg zu uns. Deshalb sing doch mal wieder!


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